Watch What Baking Soda Can Do To Your Mattress, It Will Leave You Speechless

No man who every day do not spend at least a few hours in bed.
Whether you use it only for a night’s sleep or during the day i prefer to tuck listening to something with the film, this cozy piece of furniture is certainly one of those where we like to spend our time.

But hardly anyone thinks about cleaning the same!
Did you know that in your bed mattress is the millions of dead skin cells, dust mites ?! Not to mention that the fabric absorbs sweat! Therefore, you should urgently start to clean it. But how?

He put a cardboard toilet paper on a fork mixer: Good on which figured!

A woman Melisa Maker revealed a great and cheap way to do it. In fact, each day she spilled on the mattress baking soda!
All you need is about 200 g of baking soda, which you sprinkle the mattress. Leave for 30 minutes, then vacuum.
Caution: Baking soda can be used as a face mask, but only in this way!

Besides you will now sleep in a healthy “environment”, your bed will smell wonderful!
Practice vacuuming mattresses and cleaning before and after the magical white powder.

What do you think?

Written by Sarah Allen


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