When embarking on the journey into the Intermediate Series, you will need firm discipline. Think of discipline not as something imposed on you by some kind of drill sergeant, but as a daily ritual that you choose to internalize and perform, the highest potential to which you choose to dedicate your life. Once the behavior is ritualized, it will become embedded in your subconscious mind, and you will not question whether or not to perform the practice. Just as brushing your teeth is part of your morning ritual, the practice will be integrated into your daily routine without requiring a massive energy expenditure to include it each day. The following tips helped me maintain the daily practice that is the foundation of the method, and I hope they will help you too.

Create a sacred space, and practice in the same place every time. If you practice at a yoga studio, simply going to the studio is enough; you don’t need to occupy the same spot on the floor every day. But if you practice at home, it is crucial to create a dedicated space for your practice, even if it is just one small corner of a small apartment. Place a photo of your teacher in front of your mat so you are reminded of him or her when you practice. When I practice at home, I see the photos of my teachers and am inspired to practice. Sometimes I pretend that Guruji is in the room with me, which definitely motivates me. If you have the space, you might even leave your mat unrolled all the time, to claim the space for practice instead of for other things in your life. It is ideal to have a room that you can devote entirely to yoga, but not everyone has that luxury. Just the space of a yoga mat can be a precious resource, so setting it up can claim the space as an altar to the spiritual intention within yourself and your life. Especially on days when you don’t feel like practicing, just go and stand on your yoga mat at your scheduled practice time and see what happens. If the energy is strong in that spot, it will pull you forward into the practice. If you change into your yoga clothes at the time you have set for your practice and stand on your mat, the attraction to practice will be even stronger. Sometimes just wearing yoga clothes will help you get in practice mode.