Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water !

Drinking water is the healthiest thing to do. If you start the day with a morning shower or washing your face, why shouldn’t you add a glass of water for inner awakening as well?

Many health issues and little daily immunity falls of our body are directly connected with not having enough water intake.

Here are some of the most common signs you are not taking enough water on daily bases.

1. A dry mouth

It’s a pretty obvious symptom, since our tongue and lips are almost always wet. Sugary drinks and coffee can make your mouth even dryer, so don’t think soda is a solution for a dry mouth. Always drink water with coffee, and even with soda. 2. Your skin is dry

2. Your eyes feel dry

Though water directly passes through your mouth and throat, these are not the only organs that become dry with a reduced water intake. Eyes also become dry and reddish, and feel like burning. Also, without water in your body, you can’t even cry! Especially people who wear contact lenses should take care of their daily water intake, since dryness can cause infections.

3. Pain in your joints

Because our spinal discs and cartilage are composed of about 80% water, lack of humidity makes them more stretched and tense. By keeping you body well hydrated, your joints could handle the shock of sudden movements, even falling.

4. Illness can take longer to cure

Yes, water can be the primary medicine! Without taking enough water, all of those pills could mean nothing, since water intake is the basic for the detoxification of the human body, in any means possible. Peeing, sweating, pooping and so on.

5. Feeling lethargic and fatigue

When your body is dehydrated, it borrows water from your blood. Not enough oxygen in your blood makes your pressure lower and not getting enough blood in your brain, makes you defocused and not thinking clearly. Coffee can’t help in the long run, because it can even make you more dehydrated and also, make your heart pump faster, but still – not enough oxygen in your blood.

6. Your skin is dry

You’ve probably heard that the largest organ in your body is the skin. A healthy organism always has moist skin, since it helps release toxins faster. Also, you can do harm to your good looks as well, since dry skin can crack easier, flocks might appear and your blood vessels might become visible as well!

7. Your muscles become smaller

Yes, without water, even muscle mass is decreasing. You don’t lose weight, but keep the unhealthy fats and salts inside your body directly. Drinking enough water while working out and afterwards can decrease the risk of developing inflammation and soreness from your exercise.

8. Digestion problems

Though is not healthy to drink water right after your meal, not having enough water is also not good for your gut’s work. Dehydration decreases the strength and the amount of mucus in the stomach, and acid can do some big damages to your internal organ’s walls.

9. Premature aging

Not drinking enough water makes the skin look lifeless and dry, as we mentioned above. So the skin is not elastic and every movement, especially on your face gestures, can leave a mark.

Also, premature ageing not only happens on the skin, but is most visible there. It also occurs in the inside, in the organs who are running with more effort to do their job – and this sign isn’t always visible and is more harmful than some marks on your face.

Water is the basic fuel for our body – don’t ever forget to take it!

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Written by Rachel Wilson