We all know that water is of vital significance for our life and health. However, that doesn’t mean that we should constantly drink a lot of it.

Moreover, it is also very important what kind we drink. If you ever find yourself in any of these 5 situations, think carefully before reaching for a glass of water.

  1. You have already drunk a large amount

Even though this rarely happens, it is possible to drink a huge amount of water which is not good for your health. For instance, people are tempted to drink a lot of it at once if they are into some intensive sport, or if they believe that drinking a large amount of will help with detoxification.

You shouldn’t drink a lot of water at once, because in that way you disturb the balance of salts, that is sodium, which can lead to sickness and vomiting. It is better to drink it evenly during the whole day, in smaller quantities.

  1. Your urine is clear

If your urine is transparent, clear and light (like the color of lemonade), that means that your body has enough fluids and you shouldn’t drink a lot more. However, if your urine has a dark yellow color, then it’s time for a glass of water.

  1. You ate a large meal

One of the simplest ways to lower the number of calories you take in is to drink a glass of water before your meal. Thus, you will eat less food than usual because fluid takes up space in the stomach. However, for that very same reason drinking too large amounts of it before or during the meal can slow down the digestion of the food and cause uncomfortableness and bloating.

It is also not recommended to drink water right after the meal, because we should allow our digestive system peace to digest the food before “watering” it with fluids.

  1. You have been working out intensively for a longer time

That doesn’t mean that it is not recommended to drink water while you exercise, but you need to keep in mind the following: during a larger body effort, the body sweats and in that way, it loses important electrolytes such as potassium and sodium. Therefore, you will need to replace the lack of them, but clean water doesn’t contain them in large quantities.

Nevertheless, be careful with sports drinks which contain electrolytes, because they also contain sugar as well. Carefully check which ingredients are in the electrolyte drink you are planning to have. Instead of it, you could have some coconut water which is low in calories, but naturally rich with potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

  1. You bought water with a “sweet secret”

Sometimes clean, plain water seems too ordinary when there are so many different flavored ones. However, those drinks seldom contain lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners which are not great for your body.

Research has shown that those kinds of sweeteners are not good for the digestion either. What is more, they increase the feeling of hunger and can lead to gaining weight. If you want to add some flavor to your water, do that on your own with natural additives. A good choice would be some lemon, lime, cucumber, watermelon, and mint.


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Written by Rachel Wilson