5 Unusual Causes of Bloated Belly and How to Beat It

Belly bloating is a common phenomenon of accumulation of gas in the stomach which leads to an unusual fluffing up of the stomach. It happens due to dietary dis-functioning and has no major underlying disease attached to it. One is likely to feel intensive hunger pangs and frequent appetite craving. Gastric in itself is a dangerous disease as such. It is often underestimated but can even lead to death. However, this article doesn’t focus on the larger effects of bloating and instead focuses on how the digestive system is affected by it. Bloating of the belly can cause internal muscle disturbances and lead to intolerable pain. It also makes the stomach look way bigger than it is supposed to be.

Excessive carb intake

Carbs are necessary for the body, but an increase in the amount of its intake can at times retain excess water extracted from the food. This is also a serious cause of bloating. Simple foods like chocolates, bread, or cold drinks enter the blood faster than they should. However, complex food items like vegetables, whole grains, and rice take time to break down and hence doesn’t cause as much problem.


WebMD mentions how irregularity in the eating routine can cause constipation and may lead to bloating as a consequence. Constipation needs to be cleared out by consuming the right amount of fiber and a plentiful amount of water intake.

A reactionary effect

When the body faces the problem of digesting sugars in some kinds of food, bloating is caused, states Harvard Medical School. Food with an increased level of fructose and sweeteners cause bloating. We all have gas formations in the body after consuming food of such kind, but some bodies react to it more seriously, thereby causing the pain.

Misconception regarding the disease

People who suffer from bloating have different reactions to it. The reason behind negative body responses is due to dis-functioning of the nervous system. The gastric nerves get triggered and cause discomfiture. The tightening up of the abdomen and diaphragm causes tension. The pain can move from the abdomen to the chest and at times the head. Bloating, however, pushes the diaphragm down causing the bulged abdomen.


Intake of excess salty items or even alcohol and less consumption of water can cause dehydration of the body. Although bloating is caused due to stored water, it is medically recommended to have regular and sufficient consumption of water that will flush down the excess unwanted elements and prevent bloating. Dehydration can also cause digestive dysfunction as the internal body gets heated up. Summers cause major dehydration problems, hence one should always consume enough water.

How to deal with it?

Eat lesser quantities

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to eat in rested four times of the day and consume larger quantities. Instead, it is recommended by Medical Website, Healthline, to eat less and at frequent intervals, like between a window of two-hours each. Eating smaller quantities of food can help in preventing bloating.

Take note of the items you are allergic to

A lot of people are genuinely intolerant to several usual food items and consuming them can lead to serious side-effects. Bloating or formation of gas can also be the common flaws of the same. People are intolerant to food like:

Lactose: this milk related carbohydrate can cause bloating in the bodies of those who are intolerant towards it.

Fructose: fruit substance can also cause bloating.

Eggs: several people around the globe are allergic to eggs due to its tendency to cause bloating, especially in the summers.

Take a stroll or practice yoga

Walking is one consistent recommendation by all that helps in the prevention of gas, reducing weight, prevention of constipation, and facilitating proper bowel movements. Medical News Today shows that one of the easiest solutions to gas-related problems is taking an evening walk. Not just walking, practicing a subtle amount of yoga on a regular basis can also prevent accumulation of gas in the body. Also, it enhances the muscle movements in the body, hence reducing its chances of recurrence.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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