Energy is subtle, but not as subtle as you may think. The first step to experiencing your own energy, so you can see results in your health and life right away, is to have an awareness of the energy systems in your body.
Here are the eight energy systems that we work with in EMYoga:

Meridians Energie pathways that run up and down the body, including along the arms and legs; these paths run deep inside the body and at points come close to the surface of the skin, forming acupuncture or acupressure points

Chakras spiraling swirls of energy that spin outward and inward from seven main locations along the central line of the body, from the pubic bone to the crown of the head

Radiant Circuits paths of energy that run around the body, back and front; unlike meridians on fixed pathways, Radiant Circuits travel wherever their healing energy is needed—these are the energies of healing and joy

Electrics points on the body where the electrical component of all the energy systems is accessed

Aura the field of energy that surrounds and protects the physical body

Celtic Weavethe outermost layer of the aura filled with geometric shapes, including the powerful figure eight crossover pattern of health

Triple Warmera superhero meridian that controls the immune system, the fight-flight-freeze response, as well as the distribution of energy, heat, and moisture throughout the body; it can also evolve into a Radiant Circuit, empowering and strengthening our life path

The Five Elementsthe system that speaks with, influences, and unites all the energy systems and for that reason is the one used to create the healing practices