Krounchasana demands a high level of internal rotation. Most internally directed poses help the mind drop deeper into inner awareness and create a reflection on the true self within.

Start in a seated position and fold your left knee back with a deep internal rotation of your left hip; your left foot should be beside your left hip. Drop the head of your right thighbone into its socket as you raise your right leg. If possible, keep your right leg straight as you lift it and clasp your hands around your instep. If your hamstring feels tight, bend your right knee. Inhale to create space and length through your inner body. Exhale as you fold your right leg in toward the center line of your body by continuing to pull downward on your right thighbone. Slowly bring your chin toward the shin or the head to the knee. Align your right knee with your sternum to facilitate a gentle internal rotation and find stillness in the full expression of Krounchasana. Stay here for five breaths. Inhale, straighten your arms, and straighten your head away from your right leg. Exhale to stabilize your pelvic floor, then place your hands on the floor and exit the pose. Repeat on the left side.